Lifelines are ideas to give you food for thought.

This week's Lifelines are:

logo, food for thought What are commonly called "instincts" are often not instincts at all, but minute subconscious observations.

Don't dismiss it if you feel an unreasoned like or dislike for a person or a situation. Your senses have probably given you extra information which your mind has not processed yet, or has forgotten how to.

logo, food for thought Distrust any system of thought which encourages you to be miserable!


logo, food for thought Accept help.

By doing so, you are allowing somebody else the virtue of giving.

logo, food for thought If you have lost something, you can "call" it to you.

As an example, your keys: summon them by saying aloud, "Keys, keys, where are you, keys?" Shortly afterwards you will find them.

Whether this works because it focuses your mind on where you last saw the lost object - or whether it actually does call something back from the black hole it has disappeared into! - is unimportant. The practical result is that, nine times out of ten, it works.

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